What is TMF?

The Movement Fix is a combination of two things: Dr. Ryan DeBell's blog and the courses that he teaches, which primarily relate to CrossFit and functional exercise.

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The Movement Fix currently offers three levels of courses: Athlete's Course, Coach's Course, and Clinician's Course. Click below to see which course is right for you!

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The Movement Fix is based on the premise that not everyone needs the same "fix". Some people need mobility, some stability, some both and some need to move better.

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Dr. Ryan DeBell is not only a course instructor, he is  a practicing clinician. He's a chiropractor whose approach is dictated by people's conditions, not his degree.

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What are people saying?

Reviews of our courses


Great seminars run by The Movement Fix and Dr. Ryan DeBell. Totally changed the way we bring new clients into our Box at Blue Coast CrossFit. The seminars for both the athletes and the coaches were well organized and presented a ton of information that was relevant with the right mix of lecture and hands on instruction. If you own a Box or any type of gym, I highly recommend attending one of these courses.

Lucien Campillo, Blue Coast CrossFit, Owner
CF Level 1 Trainer, CF Kettlebell Trainer, CF Gymnastics, CF Powerlifting, CF Strongman, USAW-L1SP, Orange Kettlebell Club-Instructor, Myofascial Release-Instructor, Movement Fix Seminar for Coaches, CPR

I had the distinct privilege to attend The Coaches Course with Dr. Ryan DeBell. As a physical therapist and a CF Level 1 trainer I found the content and delivery of the course to be top notch! Ryan has done an excellent job putting together a workshop very systematic and full of tools for athletes and coaches to use the very next day. The Coaches Course looks to raise the standard of how we as coaches can impact and engage with the athletes we work with though better observation skills and a stronger understanding of what certain movement errors are really telling us. This course needs to be on every coaches short list of education classes this year! I support Dr. DeBell's efforts 100% and hope that collectively we can continue to improve our CrossFit community that we have all come to love and respect. 

Joshua Zavertnik, Therapydia Portland, Clinic Director
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