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The BEST 5 Minute Shoulder Warm Up | Ep. 81 | Movement Fix Monday

This week I want to share with you what I think is the BEST 5 minute shoulder warm up.

Warming up the shoulders and upper back for working out, especially if lifting overhead or doing anything intensive with the shoulders, requires a legit warm up.

Rolling out on a ball or foam roller for 10 minutes and then passively stretching your shoulders isn't a good shoulder warm up.

You need a rolling out component and then methods to increase blood flow into your shoulder and upper back muscles.

This 5 minute-ish warm up is a great way to get those things accomplished.

What we have is:

  1. Rolling out the posterior shoulder muscles
  2. Banded Face Pull
  3. Band Pull Apart
  4. Lateral Banded delt raise
  5. Incorporate some pressing or pulling lift for a few reps

Complete the above for around 5-10 minutes as a circuit and you will have one of the best shoulder warm ups out there. Nothing fancy, just get the right areas rolled out, pump some blood into your muscles and get them working, then integrate it into a lift.

After doing this for 5-10 minutes, get into your lifting for the day and see how much better and prepared your shoulders feel vs doing just passive shoulder stretches, which quite honestly, I think there is a 99% chance you shouldn't be doing those anyway.

As noted in the video, John Rusin and I teach the banded face pull, band pull apart, and lateral banded delt raise in our Bulletproof Muscle educational program, along with 67 other exercises you can use. We go into great depth on how to do them, how to incorporate them into programming, and how to use them to build muscle. Each video we did is around 2-3 minutes, so you can imagine, it is huge!

Shout out to John and Mike Reinold for inspiring this post.

Until next week,


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