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Back Squat Warm Up | Ep. 98 | Movement Fix Monday

This past weekend I was in Chicago at O'Hare CrossFit at their annual coaches summit. Angelo, the owner, has a 3-day summit each year for his coaches for continuing education.

I had the pleasure of being one of the guest speakers. My good friend Dan Pope, DPT of Fitness Pain Free was there as well.

We did a joint talk on Saturday teaching the coaches how to modify workouts for athletes who have pain. We systematically broke down all the patterns of lifts, which areas tend to be problematic, and how to choose the right exercise or modification.

(if you're interested in having us do this talk at your gym, get in touch)

Long story short, we had a great time, we filmed the whole day (look for that in the future) and during part of the day, Dan showed the coaches a great squatting warm up.

I coerced him into filming the warm up with me after the end of the weekend so that I could share it with you.

So, that's what this video is.

Here is the breakdown:

10 soleus stretches each side with foot against wall

10 lunge stretches for the ankle each side

5-10 gentle knee rotations

5-10 reps of loading the ankle in a supported squat

Posterior hip stretch for 5 breaths

5-10 adductor stretches each side

5 reps 90/90 stretch each side

5 push up jumps into bottom of squat

5 toe touch to squat

After going through that, start loading your back squat.

Dan is a total stud. Follow him on IG @fitnesspainfree and check out his website.

If you want to get more specifics on squatting, check out my free squatting assessment guide.


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