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A Better Way to 'Stretch' Your Pecs | Ep. 88 | Movement Fix Monday

This week on Movement Fix Monday I want to share with you a way I go about stretching the pecs in a more integrated way.

As the theme has been for the last few weeks, I want to bring some pieces together from rolling out to active stretching to loaded stretching to show you some ways that will get you thinking beyond just holding a static stretch as the answer to all 'stretching' needs.

The Pec Flow:

For 8-10 minutes:

  • 20-30 seconds roll out your pecs with a lacrosse ball
    • We are doing this to decrease muscle tension, not 'break' anything down
  • 10 reps active pec stretch
    • We are doing this as a way to do an active, unloaded stretch of the pecs
  • 5-10 reps either dumbbell fly or deficit push up
    • Here we want to do either a dumbbell fly or deficit push up. I understand some gyms just aren't going to do flys and that is fine, but if I had a choice given what I am trying to accomplish, I would do the fly. I want to really focus on the negative aspect of the rep and use a light weight. This concept of accentuated eccentrics is something Dr. John Rusin talks about a lot and is shown in his FHT program and our joint educational program Bulletproof Muscle (in which we talk about both the stretch push up and flys and WAY more awesome stuff).

I hope you found this helpful!

Thanks for reading,


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