Improve shoulder mobility and upper back mobility

If you live in modern society, you very likely need some more upper back mobility and to improve shoulder mobility. People sit crouched in front of the computer all day and their upper back gets stiff and is limited into rotation and extension. These movements of the upper back, aka the thoracic spine, are extremely important for the shoulder to function normally. If you can't change the shape of your thoracic spine and rib cage easily, your shoulder may have to make up for it. So it's important that we make sure we have good thoracic mobility to compliment the movements of the shoulder. A lot of times people will over-stretch their shoulders because their "shoulder mobility" is limited, but the fact is, their upper back mobility is limited. You need both and they need to work together. Now that's not to say the shoulder itself doesn't need mobility work. It often times does, so we have to make sure we hit that too. But BOTH the upper back and shoulder are important for overhead lifting, ring dips, muscle ups, bench press, clean and jerk, the snatch, etc. Basically anything that uses your shoulders you have to consider the upper back.

30 min AMRAP
1 min tissue prep
10 rib pulls each side
3 baby get ups each side

A great way to use this sequence of movements is both as a warm up and a cool down. A lot of times we skip the cool down, but that is a great opportunity to teach your brain and your body how to keep the range of motion you just opened up. So frequently people will do all this great work at the gym and as soon as the workout is done, they get in their car and leave. Use the time when your muscles are fatigued to improve your movement.

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