If you have tight shoulders, especially in shoulder extension (arms going backward behind you), it can really make your muscle ups difficult due to nothing more than just having stiff shoulders in that range of motion. It will affect your catching position and can cause your elbows to flare out, which can lead to all sorts of problems along the kinetic chain (elbow pain, wrist pain, etc).

If you have less than ideal technique in the muscle up, it can make muscle ups really difficult (obviously). But how many people are ACTUALLY working on muscle up drills versus just trying and failing to do muscle ups over and over and over again? I always see people attempting to get a muscle up rather than getting BETTER at the fundamentals of a muscle up. We always want to go for the gold but not work on the drills necessary to achieve that goal. We want the satisfaction of getting the muscle up without putting in the time it takes in the drills to achieve it properly. A pyramid can only be so tall if the base is small. Work on the foundation before you start working on the height and your muscle ups will be way stronger, more efficient, and mechnically sound.

In this video, we show you how we integrate mobility and stability drills with muscle up technique drills. Cycle through the following series of movements and watch the magic happen. Rather than doing some stretching before the workout/skill work, we integrate the two so that you USE the movement you just achieved IN the functional pattern you are after. Instead of just aimlessly resting between sets, we use the time between sets to make your next set BETTER.

30 min amrap
10 reps primal pull through
10' crab walk forward and backward
Muscle up work at your level (strict comes first!)

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