If you let your low back round while you are trying to mobilize your hips in a squat position (you can see this a million times a day when people grab onto the pillar of a pull up bar and fully relax into the bottom of a squat), how do you expect THAT to translate into having your low back NOT round when you are actually loading your squat?

You have to break apart hip flexion from lumbar flexion. Do that passively first using the modified tactical frog and then actively lock it in using a goblet squat or modified goblet squat. The priority is achieving hip flexion without lumbar flexion.

Should those motions be coupled in an unloaded squat? Yeah, and you can see that babies do that all the time. Should those motions be coupled when the squat is loaded? Hell no.

30 min amrap
15 reps modified prayer stretch
10 reps tactical frog
1 minute hold at lowest GOOD squat position

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