If you have a workout with thrusters in it, running a lap around the gym and doing a few air squats is not going to prepare athletes well for doing thrusters, especially with heavy weights and at high intensities. It might get the heart rate up, but it won't do the job of getting their joints prepared for what you are about to ask them to do. Your warmup/movement prep/skill work should be more specific for the workouts that you're doing.

Think of the joints that require the most mobility and work on mobility. Think of the joints or joint systems that need the most stability, and get the area primed to stabilize and create stiffness. Thrusters require that the hips and shoulders (both ball and socket joints) have good preparation and freedom of movement so they don't pull on the low back to compensate for lack of movement, so make sure you include mobility drills for those anytime that you do thrusters. The low back can't be stabilized optimally if tight hips and shoulders are pulling on it excessively. You could also add in ankle and wrist preparation if those are issues you or your athletes have.

30 min amrap
30 second goblet squat hold
10 ring rows
Pull-up hang (no more than 1 minute)


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