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Fixing the Leg Swing | Week 25 | Movement Fix Monday

What is the most common way people generally or specifically warm up their lower body for a workout? The Leg Swing.

What is the goal of doing a leg swing? Why are you doing a leg swing? These are questions I hope you have asked yourself at some point!

Sometimes the obvious is the hardest thing to see. I think we would all agree that a leg swing is a great way to warm up your hip. However, we gloss over it because it is "simple" and a lot of people aren't swinging from their hip, they swing from their low back!

An important concept in the movement world is movement disassociation: the ability to move one joint independently of another. In the leg swing, you should be able to disassociate movement of the hip from movement of the low back. You should be able to use joints independently of each other and together in a functional way when needed. The ability to do this is a skill that can and should be developed over time.

Check out this week's video for a more detailed explanation (featuring my spine model), a way to self-check, and drills to improve your leg swing!

Thanks for reading. Make sure to share this post with your leg swinging friends!

- Ryan


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