Fort Myers, FL - April 9th

at CrossFit Thoroughbreds

The Movement Fix Workshop

Attention Coaches, Trainers, Athletes, PTs and Chiros

Join Dr. Ryan DeBell from The Movement Fix for an exclusive hands-on all day workshop designed to immediately upgrade your ability to deconstruct and rebuild the squat, deadlift, and overhead lifts.

The 6 Movement Modules

The Movement Fix Framework

• Understand the biomechnical blueprint for exercise (and use it instantly to explain even the most complicated movement)

• Discover the role of ‘relative stiffness’ and how this hidden movement killer is sabotaging your movements

• Why stretching and rolling s is a gigantic lie (and what you need to be doing right now to actually solve the real problem)

• Programming templates to build dynamic plans that include the essential BIG THREE (control, strength, mobility)

Command your bracing strategy

• Creating tension is perfectly safe, right? Don’t be so sure! Like everything, there’s a right and wrong way to doing it correctly.

• The truth about diaphragmatic breathing…how to make it your secret weapon to supercharging lifts

• What you must do to lock your obliques. (You’ll be MUCH less likely to ‘tweak your back’ or lose power on your big lifts.)

• Get the 4 step breathing and bracing checklist…use it to put your bracing on autopilot.

Unlock your upper back and shoulders

• What is ‘Scapular Robustness’ (and why do you desperately need to build it up)?

• Are shoulder injuries preventable? Not if you're doing these 3 things wrong.

• Develop the ability to 'see under the skin' to understand what is happening anatomically when the shoulder is in motion

• Unlock the upper back to power up the overhead lifts

• The 4 key components to unlocking better shoulder mobility (even if your shoulders are a ‘problem area’ and nothing has worked before)

Dominate the deadlift

• Find what is preventing you from deadlifting heavier weights, safer

• How to problem solve the deadlift to find the actual limitations

• The single most important part of your deadlift might be mastering the ‘Lat Lock’

• Get our step-by-step deadlift evaluation cheatsheet. You’ll be able to quickly and confidently a) uncover the movement limitation b) figure out the right fix c) help a client (or yourself) dominate their deadlift

Low Back Basics

• The truth about low back injuries, the mechanisms, and prevention

• How the low back compensates for the hips, shoulders, or lack of body awareness (and what to do about it)

• The easiest way to prevent low back issues is to avoid the pitfalls: combinations of certain lifts and excessive quantities of commonly used 'core exercises'

• Programming considerations to keep athletes' backs safe

Squat Stance, Variations, Limitations

•There’s a best way to squat with correct form, right? Nope. Learn how different body types need to squat differently, how to figure that out, and how to make the right decisions.

• Are you or your clients making these common squat errors? Why ‘pushing out the knees’ and other common cues can be a mistake for the lower back, hips, and knees.

• How to deconstruct the squat into it’s fundamental movements…take your squat apart and put it back better than before.

• No more generic squat cues..Find YOUR (or those you work with) best squat stance.

• How to integrate mobility and motor control drills into your programming to become a squatting machine

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What People Are Saying

“I’ve taken TMF Workshop twice, around one year apart. Both times I was equally impressed. Being a clinician and a crossfitter I found this material beneficial in many ways. Not only were the systems easy to follow, they also allow for creative accessory work that can be tailored to each individual. Ryan is a genuine human being with skills in leadership, mentorship and educating. This was one of the most effective courses I have been to (and I’ve been to a ton). I’d recommend it to any clinician striving to provide superior care to their patients, any coach who wants to lead their athletes to safe, effective growth, and any athlete looking to expand their knowledge on movement, form and performance."

Matt Wiest, DC

Sports Chiropractor

“Several years into Crossfit training, I’d have nagging pain every so often, and had plateaued in most of my WOD’s. Attending the TMF workshop helped me fix some of the important things I had stopped paying attention to. The workshop helped me find small fixes that made a big difference in my strength by giving me some good foundational principles to train by. The price I paid for this workshop was a bargain for what I learned. I thought at first the workshop might be too advanced for me, but I felt that Ryan communicated clearly and it was perfect for me as an athlete.”

Karen Gach

Member, Acuo CrossFit

"Dr. DeBell and The Movement Fix Workshop have been hugely impactful to my practice. As a CrossFit coach (and athlete) as well as a physical therapist who treats mostly CrossFit and weightlifting athletes in my clinic, I found the screening approach he teaches in this workshop to be very interesting and helpful. It will streamline your thinking and outline an application of the tools! Taking the TMF workshop was worth way more than the price!"

Sarah Haran, DPT

Arrow PT Seattle

"Ryan DeBell and The Movement Fix were instrumental in my initiative for continuing education for my 15 Coaches at CrossFit Illumine.   The Movement Fix teaches you that it isn't all about "mashing and smashing" and movement is a lot more complex than what we see at the surface.  It is so important to me as a business owner that my Coaches understand the "why" and can articulate that "why" to our members.  Ryan has a remarkable ability to take complex ideas and make them easily digestible for the average Coach or Athlete.  I highly recommend this seminar if you are serious about professionalizing your coaching staff and business."

Brian Alexander

Owner, CrossFit Illumine

Frequently Asked Questions

Who shouldn't take this workshop?

If you don't squat, deadlift, overhead lift, or work with anyone who does those things, this workshop is likely not applicable for you.

Money back guarantee?

If after taking the workshop, you aren't satisfied, we will give you your price of admission back AND you can keep your early bird bonuses if applicable.

Can anyone take this workshop?

There are no pre-requisites for this workshop. Athletes, trainers, coaches, casual exercisers, and clinicians have all attended from various backgrounds, abilities, and age groups.

Are there CEUs for this workshop?

At this time, The Movement Fix Workshop is not pre-approved for CEUs with any organization. However, many previous attendees have submitted the hours and received credit. A certificate of attendance is provided if needed to obtain hours.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, you can receive a full refund 30 days in advance of attendance. Transfer of your registration to another person is allowed if the event is in less than 30 days.

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