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How to Front Squat with an Injured Wrist | Week 69 | Movement Fix Monday

Just because you have an injury or something that hurts doesn't mean you have to avoid doing a lifting or have to stop working out (there are always exceptions though). You should always try to find ways to modify a movement, choose different movements, or whatever you need to do to stay active.

One concrete example of this is someone who has an injured wrist/wrist pain and the front squat.

There are ways to front squat even if you are having issues with your wrist. Having a wrist issue doesn't mean don't front squat, it means find a different way to front squat.

There are three modifications typically used:

  1. Flip your hands upside down
  2. Arms crossed in front
  3. Use straps/towel

In this week's video, I quickly go over options 1 & 2, but I really prefer option 3, using straps/towels to front squat.

Using option 3 allows you to have a secure grip onto the barbell with no wrist extension loading.

This can be used when someone has wrist pain or you don't want to over-stress the wrist if you are doing high volumes of front squatting.

For me and my profession, I can't abuse my wrists too much, so if I am doing high volume front squatting, I will use straps to save the wrist joints while training my lower body/trunk.

I hope you find this helpful! Please share with someone who needs to see these mods.

Thanks for reading!


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