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Fully Move Every Joint Every Day | Ep. 105 | Movement Fix Monday

This week I want to share with you a routine I use to fully move every joint every day.

Think of moving a joint as a way to lubricate the surface of the joint and keep it healthy. This is different than stretching. Stretching is used to work on muscle tissue or improve range of motion.

Doing something like moving your joints doesn't need to be 'stretchy'. The point isn't to stretch a muscle or try to make huge range of motion improvements. It's a way to gently pump the tissues of your body and slather your joint surfaces with synovial fluid.

This routine includes 13 movements. To make it easy to use this on a daily basis, fill out the form right below the video. I made a illustrated guide that acts as a quick reference for this routine.

Should you do this in the AM? the PM? Before working out?

I think all of those are good options. I personally do this routine during my morning wake up routine.

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