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Fixing Cross Over Arm Swing in Running | Week 41 | Movement Fix Monday

This week I am joined again by Christopher Johnson, PT, from

Toe dexterity is a skill you should have. It is like moving your fingers around.

If you imagined keeping your hands in mittens your whole life and never moving your fingers around, it would seem incredible that people have the finger dexterity that they have.

Tons and tons of people leave their feet in shoes and socks all the time and never let their feet come out to play. They never explore the range of motion their toes have. They have no toe dexterity!

drills for runners to master


Side note: Chris just released his 'Drills for Runners to Master' e-book! Check it out here. I can't recommend it highly enough.


If you keep your feet smushed in shoes, you cram your toes together and effectively decrease the surface area of your foot where it interfaces with the ground. When surface area is smaller and bodyweight reamains the same, pressure on the areas of the foot contacting the ground go up (not ideal).

Chris takes us through three motions that you can do to improve toe dexterity:

  1. Big toe dorsiflexion and lesser toe plantar flexion
  2. Big toe plantar flexion and lesser toe dorsiflexion
  3. Splaying the toes

This can seem impossible when you first attempt to do this, but as Chris notes in the video, be diligent about this and spend some time developing the mind body connection to actually be able to move your toes around. Don't give up after 1 minute when you can't immediately do it!

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