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Isometrics for Better Squatting | Ep. 119 | Movement Fix Monday

This is part 2 in the 'un-sexy' series. Why is it the 'un-sexy' series? Because doing isometrics to improve your strength and control of different joint positions isn't flashy or exciting, but it's powerful and under-utilized.

Wes joins me again in this video to demo a squat isometric variation where you take a wide stance, called the horse straddle squat (and it probably goes by other names in other places).

  1. Start with your feet together. Windshield wipe your feet out (see video to visually see what that means) 4-5 steps as a starting point
  2. Get as deep as you can while controlling the position and keeping your spine in neutral
  3. Try to balance a dowel on your thighs without letting it slip off
  4. Hold until it gets hard
  5. Take a break
  6. Repeat 3-5 times (this is feel based)

We already do tons of squatting volume, but how many people are working on their isometrics for these different lifts? Very few is my guess. We are leaving a lot on the table by not working on isometrics MORE to support the big lifts that we are currently doing.

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