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How to Prep Your Hips for Deadlifting | Ep. 90 | Movement Fix Monday

This week I want to show you a way you can prep your hips before deadlifting.

To prep the hips for deadlifting, I will do the following (as shown in the video)

  • Straight leg raise (5-10)
  • Hip Circles (5)
  • Modified Hip Airplanes (3-5)
  • Banded pull through (10-15)

Rep schemes are based on feel, but a recommendation is listed in parentheses above.

Since I sort of messed up the banded pull through due to my rock not holding my band, here is a video of a banded pull through from John Rusin.

The banded pull through is also a lift that we teach in our guide on how to perform 70+ different lifts, which you can find here.

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