Pull Ups

Negative Muscle Ups for Better Transitions

Follow The Movement Fix on instagram @themovementfix Follow Wes on IG @drweshendricks Negative Muscle Ups for Better Transitions | Ep. 118 | Movement Fix Monday Want to see a video that isn't sexy (aka un-sexy) at all but is highly useful? Watch this week's. Wes and I...

Shoulder Pain at the Bottom of Pull Ups

Follow The Movement Fix on instagram @themovementfix Upcoming workshop schedule Shoulder Pain at the Bottom of Pull Ups | Ep. 112 | Movement Fix Monday This past weekend I was in Boston, MA and NYC for a few workshops and I stopped by Champion PT and Performance to...

How to Prep Your Shoulders for Toes to Bar

Follow me on instagram @themovementfix How to Prep Your Shoulders for Toes to Bar | Ep. 91 | Movement Fix Monday This week I want to show you a way you can prep your shoulders for toes to bar or any kipping motion where you are hanging from the bar. Now first of all,...

Three Reasons to Train Bicep Curls

Bicep curls have a negative stigma around them in many rehab and also training circles and I am not really sure why.

There are many benefits to doing bicep curls and, in my opinion, they should be regularly trained.

Why? Click the link to learn more.

Horizontal Pulling for Better Shoulder Health

When you do vertical pulling and horizontal pushing, you are using big muscles that create internal rotation of the shoulder joint. Internal rotation is a NORMAL range of motion of the shoulder (so don't tell me it is 'bad' because no movement is BAD, but it can be used inappropriately at certain times) but we want to make sure we are staying strong in the muscles that create shoulder external rotation.

Stronger Shoulders for Pull Ups

Improving your movement isn't always about just improving mobility. If your goal is to do snatching, overhead squats, pull ups, etc, once you have the amount of mobility in your thoracic spine and shoulders that you need to perform those movements safely, you should be focusing on a few things:

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