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Self Ankle Joint Mobilization | Week 65 | Movement Fix Monday

The ankle joint for many people is pretty stiff and could use a bit more motion. I am not a huge proponent of banded joint mobilizations or self joint mobilizations with external loading, BUT the ankle is a joint where I think the benefits are large and the risks are very minimal (aggressive banded mobilizations of the shoulder may not be so good for everyone, for example).

There is a very common banded mobilization that is done that I describe in the video that I think we can build off of.

The first thing we can do to modify how that mobilization is performed by most people is making sure that the band we use is actually over the bone we intended. Frequently people place the band too high and actually put it on the shin, when they are intending to put it on the talus.

As seen in this photo, the band is commonly placed too high. 

too high ankle too high on foot








As seen in this photo, we want to place the band lower:

better height ankle

good placement on foot








The other modification we can make to this drill is adding in a vertical vector to assist in distraction of the joint, which can make this a more powerful and useful drill. 

gapped ankle

gapped ankle real









I want to take as much weight off the side I'm mobilizing, so I will use some support and hold on to it with my arms to decrease how much weight I need to put into my working-side ankle.

I hope this helps you guys make a good drill into a great drill.

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