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Self Ankle Mobilization | Week 35 | Movement Fix Monday

The "What"

Several weeks ago I was teaching a workshop outside of Toronto and an attendee, who happens to be finishing up osteopathic school, was discussing with me a very useful ankle mobilization he has been using. You can find his website here. 

In this week's video, I demo that ankle dorsiflexion mobilization and you can easily perform it on yourself. After you mobilize, you want to spend some time moving around using your new range of motion so that it has stronger "sticking power".

The "Why"

Ankle dorsiflexion is required in certain movements to various degrees. You need sufficient range of motion in this joint during squatting, pistols, etc, so that it isn't a big limitation and cause compensations elsewhere (spine, knee, etc).

The "How"

To perform this self ankle mobilization, sit on a box or a chair and cross your legs. Take both hands and place them on your ankle below the "ankle bones" (the medial and lateral malleoli). Using the muscles of your hip, think about pulling your leg away from your hands and think about pulling your ankle away from your knee. Once you have tension developed, actively move your ankle through its range of dorsiflexion and plantar flexion range. Perform 10 reps and then let go with your hands and perform 10 ankle circles. Repeat on the other side and then do some sort of squatting drill or controlled and loaded ankle drill to make the range of motion stick (as shown in the video).

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- Ryan

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