Comfortable Shoulders in the Back Squat

This week I want to share with you a series of movements I use with athletes when they have a difficult time getting the barbell comfortably on their back to do back squats.

There are many moving parts putting a barbell into a back rack position. You have to have sufficient thoracic spine mobility, you need some scapular motion, and you need shoulder joint external rotation.

Checking Shoulder Flexion

Whenever someone is limited in their overhead range of motion for pressing, overhead squatting, handstands, etc., they are quick to blame the 'shoulder' as being the thing that needs to be stretched or rolled out.

Bench Press Modifications for Shoulder Pain

This week Chris Johnson, PT joins me to discuss bench press modifications when an athlete has shoulder pain while benching. There are a few easy tweaks you can make to keep training while things become less painful

Great Banded Shoulder Warm Up

Need a good shoulder warm up for overhead lifting, olympic lifting, or gymnastics movements? This banded shoulder warm up has all the bases covered.

Easy Drill to Improve Your Front Rack

The front rack position is very challenging for many athletes, especially when they are new to olympic lifting. Sometimes the shoulders are stiff, sometimes the wrists are stiff, but we also have to consider the coordination of relaxing the right things at the right time.

Fixing the Biggest Mistake in Strict Pull Ups

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Fixing Cross Over Arm Swing in Running

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How to Actively Stretch your Lats

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Own the Single Legged Deadlift

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Cuing Better Overhead Mobility

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