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Improve Your Overhead Lifting

Learn some cool stuff in this video? Check out our workshops here to learn even cooler stuff. Improve Your Overhead Lifting | Week 17 | Movement Fix Monday I love merging warm up/mobility/motor control drills with my technique work or my strength work. I don't think...

Shoulder Hiking to the Neck

Click here to learn about our live workshops Shoulder Hiking to the Neck | Week 16 | Movement Fix Monday It is not uncommon to see neck pain and shoulder stiffness in an athlete...or any person for that matter. Sometimes it can go undetected and seem "mysterious". No...

Overhead Lifting and the Anterior Chain

Are you following The Movement Fix on Instagram? Find us @themovementfix Overhead Lifting and the Anterior Chain | Week 14 | Movement Fix Monday One of the most common movement issues that I see with athletes and patients in their overhead lifting pattern is leaning...

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