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Meet the Doctor

Ryan DeBell, M.S., D.C. is passionate about helping you improve your health and performance, whether that’s getting out of pain, returning to the activities you love, or taking your athletic performance to the next level.

How We Work Together

Your first visit will be scheduled for a full hour so we can go through the following:

Your History and a thorough Exam

First, we’ll go through the history of your complaint and do a physical exam. We spend a fair amount of time here because time spent in examination is time saved in treatment.

Discuss your Condition and our Plan

We want you to be crystal clear on what’s going on with your body. Nothing is more frustrating than going to the doctor and getting no answers. We’ll formulate a plan, both what we can do to help you and what YOU can do to help you. We will be a team.


You’ll receive treatment on the first visit unless imaging or other studies are required (usually not the case). Make sure to come prepared in athletic attire.

Treatment at our Lynnwood Chiropractic office is more than just the “adjusting” people think of when they hear “chiropractor”. We also use exercise rehabilitation, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue work, RockTape, and massage. You can read more about our services here.

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