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Three Reasons to Train Bicep Curls | Week 72 | Movement Fix Monday

Bicep curls have a negative stigma around them in many rehab and also training circles and I am not really sure why.

There are many benefits to doing bicep curls and, in my opinion, they should be regularly trained.


Here are  3 reasons:

  1. Stronger arms mean a stronger pull in pull ups, ring dips, rope climbs, etc.
  2. You train your low back muscles by having to stabilize your trunk
  3. You can work the endurance and robustness of the upper back muscles around the shoulder blade as an anchor

I could list more, like it makes your shirt sleeves fit tightly, for example, but let's just keep it at the above three for now.

Oh wait, no, there is a fourth.

Bicep curls allow you to put tension through the biceps tendon without compressing it as it would be in shoulder extension. I find myself more and more frequently including bicep curls in people's rehab exercises who have pain on the front of their shoulders that is aggravated by things like ring dips for example.

What do I mean by compression? Watch this video HERE.

Want to learn more about this issue in dips? Read this article HERE.

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