Ready to Host a Workshop with THE MOVEMENT FIX?

What is The Movement Fix Workshop?

This workshop is an 8-hour, action-packed workshop designed specifically for athletes and trainers.


What you’ll learn:

  • A functional anatomy framework for human movement

  • Why everyone HAS to squat differently and how to find your best squat stance

  • How to create maximal spinal stiffness to set big PRs

  • The 2 biggest mobility issues for overhead lifting and how to fix them

  • Easily program movement, mobility, and motor control drills into your training

  • How to find your hidden movement limitations in squatting, deadlifting, and overhead lifting

  • How to train your core for maximal strength without risk of injury

  • Whether or not stretching is worth your time

  • 3 Reasons why you should focus more on motor control training

  • Why ‘movement training’ can increase your PRs more than strength training

  • And MUCH more

I hosted Dr. DeBell's The Movement Fix workshop and strongly recommend this workshop for any box owner or coach. The information was very applicable to our athlete's needs, was organized and presented in a way that was easy to understand, and had a great mix of lecture and active participation. Dr. DeBell is passionate about helping us understand how to improve our athlete's health as well as improving our ability and process for athlete assessment and integration into our box. All of my coaches attended and learned so much. In fact, we began implementing techniques we learned the very next day!
Diana Kelly, Owner of Iron Nation CrossFit in Puyallup, WA

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Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for athletes and trainers of many skill levels, but should be considered a beginner to intermediate level workshop.

What Will You Take Away?


Athletes can expect to learn how to improve their own deadlifting, squatting, and overhead lifting through evaluation of their mobility and motor control. Using what they learn, they will be able to improve their lifting performance through increased efficiency, decreased internal resistance, and all with decreased risk of injury. 



Trainers can expect to learn about themselves the same as the athletes. Additionally, they will learn how to apply the squatting, deadlifting, and overhead lifting assessments on their clients with our easy to use assessment sheet. 



Many physical therapists and chiropractors have taken this workshop. Although it was originally designed for athletes and trainers, clinicians have found the content covered immediately usable in practice when dealing with patients who perform squatting, deadlifting, weightlifting, kettlebell training, and more. Make sure to check out the reviews page to see what some clinicians have had to say. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Early bird price: $199 (available more than 2 weeks in advance of the Workshop date). Regular price: $249.

Had a great time with a few of my coaches at The Movement Fix workshop, my only regret was not having ALL of my coaches there that day. The information that Ryan relays is a "must have" for every coach's tool box. Developing an eye for virtuosity of movement and knowing how to be proactive when correcting flaws should be the base of every great coach. Can't wait to attend another!

Kaylee Suitors, Owner of CrossFit Solus in Sherman, TX

Had a great time with a few of my coaches at The Movement Fix workshop,...
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