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95 - Business and E-Commerce

Business and E-Commerce This week on the podcast is a bit different. After some discussion in the Movement Fix Facebook Community, there was a lot of interest in a discussion about why I sold my clinic (and how), the transition of Movement Fix...

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How to: The Rocking Quad Stretch

How to: The Rocking Quad Stretch Stretch your quads with the rocking quad stretch Stretching your quadriceps can be done in many ways. The technique show in this video is active, with rocking of the torso helping to take the quads on and off tension. It...

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How to: Standing Straddle Stretch

How to: Standing Straddle Stretch Learn how to perform the standing straddle stretch Stretching your adductors is important as is strengthening them. The standing straddle stretch is both a stretch and strengthening drill. You can think of it like a wide...

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