Overhead Mobility Limitations

travis jewett

In this episode, I discuss the main limitations to overhead mobility (or better phrased, to overhead active range of motion).

During the episode I mention many links to various content on Movement Fix. You can find each linked below in the appropriate section. 

Component 1 - Pain/Pinching

Episode 98 of Movement Fix Podcast titled 'Training with and Improving Shoulder Impingement' covers this topic more in depth.

Component 2 - Not Knowing How

Our blog post on Cuing Better Overhead Mobility covers this topic more in depth.

Component 3 - Muscular Stiffness

For each muscle we have a video describing how to work on it:

Component 4 - Joint Mobility

Limitations in mobility of the joints in different areas can cause overhead mobility limitations. Below are the 2 main areas with links to videos showing how to work on them:

Component 5 - Anatomical Variation

Our article on the bony anatomical variation of the shoulder joint can help to clarify this topic.

Need help with your hip/low back mobility? Download Day 1 of our Hip/Low Back Mobility Program:

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