Movement Fix Podcast
Episode# 111

Hip Joint Anatomy and Squatting

Guest: Dave Marcu, MD, CSCS

Topics We Discuss:

  • Hip joint anatomy variations
  • How those variations affect squatting
  • Training clients with hip replacements
  • How we can try to prevent hip impingement in the future

In this Episode

A topic I continue to feel passionately about is how anatomical variations account for movement differences from person to person.

Exercises that require full range of motion of joints will naturally exhibit differences more than exercises where a full range of motion isn't required.

The reason for this is as you go to a joint's end range of motion, the limitation is often due to the way a joint is shaped. The hip joints can vary quite a bit on this, which you can read about more specifically here:

Those linked articles above include photos of real bones that can help you to better visualize the topics discussed.

Often people see those photos or hear about this topic and think that it isn't common or not something worth considering.

I strongly disagree with that sentiment. I think it is vitally important to understand.

Dr. Marcu has tremendous insight into this variation since he does hip replacement surgeries as one of his specialities. He sees the variation every case he does since there are many measurements required for a successful surgery.

Why are there so many measurements? Because each person is different and there are a lot of variations.

I asked Dr. Marcu to come on to Movement Fix Podcast to share his insights and answer some questions I had of my own.


About Dr. Dave Marcu


  • Orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Pain Free Performance Specialist Functional Anatomy Instructor
  • Previously served as an Associate Master Instructor for the Arthroscopy Association of North America, Fundamentals in Arthroscopy course

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