Movement Fix Podcast
Episode# 112

A Holistic Approach to Movement and Health

Guest: Aaron Alexander, LMT, CPT

Topics We Discuss:

  • Breathing and meditation
  • How emotions and beliefs affect movement
  • Blending bodybuilding and functional movement 
  • The mind body relationship

In this Episode

Aaron Alexander is the host of the Align Podcast where he has interviewed many of the greatest minds in movement and health.

This episode is more of a variety show where we hit on many different topics and discuss what he has acquired through his experiences and his interviews with his guests.

That makes this show a bit different than other shows. Many times I go deep with a specialist in one particular topic. In this episode we go broad with big strokes and connect dots to help clear up the picture of health, diet, movement, exercise, stress, mindfulness, etc.

For example, we discuss how low self esteem can create 'postural issues' that you may try to correct with upper back strengthening, but it's really because of a slouched posture from not feeling confident.

I must say, not enough people in my opinion talk about this connection. We jump to tissue work, joint manipulation, and exercises, but what if it's a habitual thing based on beliefs and psychological frameworks?

If we don't take that into consideration, we can miss some big opportunities to help others (or maybe ourselves).


About Aaron Alexander


  • CPT, LMT
  • Founder of the Align Method
  • Host of top-rated Align Podcast

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