Movement Fix Podcast
Episode# 117

Muscle Up Development

Guest: Wes Hendricks, DC

Topics We Discuss:

  • How to determine if someone is ready to train muscle ups
  • How to strengthen to improve the transition
  • Shoulder extension and how to train it
  • Training grip for beginners and advanced athletes
  • How to train the dip safely for the shoulder

In this Episode

Wes Hendricks, DC, joins me again on Movement Fix Podcast to discuss ring muscle ups in this episode.

Wes has previously been on the podcast to talk about handstands and pull ups, and now we get into muscle ups.

He is the author of our gymnastics development programs for the handstand, pull ups, and muscle ups and in this episode we get into the details of programming muscle ups.

Specifically we talk about how to know if someone should begin working on this movement, how to start, which positions they need to show they can control, and the sequence of training steps Wes uses to safely build his athletes.


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