15.1 Movement Prep

The 2015 Open is upon us. In this video, I talk about movement preparation for the workout to perform your best and get your body prepared for what lies ahead.

The workout, as we know, consists of toes to bar, deadlifts, and snatches for 9 minutes. After that triplet, we are looking at performing a heavy clean and jerk in a 6 minute time cap.

Because the weight is so light in the deadlift and snatch (115/75) compared to what you will likely be clean and jerking, we can focus our movement preparation on the clean and jerk because it will warm us up for light deadlifts and snatches.

Before doing the movement preparation circuit I show in the video, you should do some sort of general warm up to get the blood flowing. That could be 5-10 minutes of airdyne biking, rowing, jump rope, etc. You choose.

After that general warm up, use what I show in the video and then go do 15.1.

The circuit is as follows (do this for approx. 10 minutes or until you feel ready):

  • 10 straight leg raises each leg while pressing your hands into the ground
  • 10 shoulder overhead stretch with thoracic extension
  • 10 lateral lunges each side
  • Short goblet squat hold
  • 1-3 clean and jerks (progress the weight up in each round until you are sufficiently prepared)

Make sure to swing by next Thursday for the 15.2 Movement Prep video. You can find all 2015 Open Movement Prep videos themovementfix.com/2015-open

Good luck!


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