15.2 Quick and Effective Warm Up

15.2 is here and, as we know, it is a repeat of 14.2!

For this week's quick and effective warm up, we are going to pull the 14.2 video out from The Movement Fix video vault!

Check out the video for details on how to warm up for 15.2 (and to refresh your memory if you did this for 14.2)!

4 rounds:
10 ring rows
10 primal pull throughs
10 lateral lunges

First round: lateral lunge with PVC on back
Second round: lateral lunge with light kettlebell
Third round: lateral lunge with PVC overhead (if you can't do this, use kettlebell again)
Fourth round: overhead squat with empty barbell

Make sure to swing by next Thursday for the 15.3 Movement Prep video. You can find all 2015 Open Movement Prep videos at themovementfix.com/2015-open

Good luck!


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