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16.1 consists of overhead walking lunges, bar facing burpees, and chest to bar pull ups.

The ranges of motion we likely will need to prepare for most people are the demands of the overhead position with the lunge and the shoulder position at the top of a chest to bar pull up. Lunges and burpees don't require a large amount of movement preparation or mobility in most people.

For this warm up, we are doing the following:

5 rounds:

  • 10 lunges
  • 10 overhead reach with towel
  • 10 lift offs
  • 3 pull ups

The way you can structure this preparation is to begin with no weight for rounds 1-3 and rounds 4-5 load up the overhead lunge and work into the pull up version you will be using for the workout.

Structuring your preparation this way will increase heart rate, blood flow, and prepare your shoulder joints for the range of motion demands required by these movements.

Good luck!


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