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For 16.2 we are looking at a triplet of toes to bar, double unders, and squat cleans.

Now before we start, let's make sure we are on the same page with how to use this warm up.

This should be the final stages of your prep, the 10-15 minutes right before doing 16.2. If you are someone with big mobility limitations that require a lot of work, start working on those 30 minutes out. See the additional resources at the end of this post for suggestions on things to work on.

What is shown in this video is after you do mobilizing and stretching. This is movement prep, warm up, and neurologic preparation for the demands of this workout.

This video isn't here to explain to you the common compensations that happen, what the mechanical faults are, etc. Those can be worked on later. This video is helping you get primed for 16.2

Here is the recommended warm up, movement prep, and priming:

5 rounds:

  • 10 straight leg raises each leg
  • 20 single or double unders
  • 5 lateral lunges each leg (aka cossack squat)
  • 3 front squats

Important note: Round 1 should be light front squats. Round 2 should be a little heavier. Round 3 should be a little heavier. Round 4 should approach weight in 16.2. Round 5 do squat clean with the working weight. Also in round 5, you can switch from straight leg raises to toes to bar to prime yourself for the demands of the workout.

Additional resources for more specific mobility demands this workout requires:

Front rack:



Good luck!


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