2018 in Review

2018 is coming to an end, it's hard to believe. So much has happened, yet it feels like so little has happened.

In this post I put together the highlights and notable things that happened for Movement Fix in 2018 as well as where we are going in 2019!

Things we Launched/Released in 2018

October 2017, when I announced I was taking a break from Movement Fix Monday videos, I laid out a plan talking about how I was going to focus more on making programs and products and less on making content (for the time being, as everything goes in phases).

We were busy in 2018 following that plan.

In 2018 we released:

Workshops in 2018

As many of you know, I went through basically the largest changes in your personal life you can go through, all in the same year.

I sold my chiropractic clinic, got divorced, and lived in several different countries.

I was planning to teach way more workshops in 2018, but i had other opportunities that came up that needed my attention, mainly T Tool (more on that later).

Here are the workshops/talks given in 2018:

  • Seattle, WA - January 15th
  • Boston, MA - January 26th
  • Newark, NJ - January 27th
  • Calgary, AB - February 9th
  • Edmonton, AB - February 10th
  • Northwest ACSM Symposium - February 24th
  • Buenos Aires, AR - March 24th
  • Buenos Aires, AR - August 5th

This is the fewest workshops I've taught in a year since I started Movement Fix in 2013. That felt both amazing to teach/travel less, but I miss it a lot. Teaching and meeting people is one of my favorite things. 2019 will bring many more workshops.

T Tool

Now the real crown jewel of 2018: T Tool.

When I was in Bend, OR to speak at the ACSM conference, I was presented with an opportunity to work on a unique soft tissue treatment tool.

My friend from school Dr. Jim Thornburg, showed me an early prototype of a tool he had been working on. I was confused for about an hour after he showed it to me...but then it hit me. I could see how this tool matters and needs to be made.

I planned to teach around the world in 2018 and had something like 30 workshops scheduled for summer 2018 and I canceled all of them to pursue making the tool.

We began in February 2018 (and him 2 years before he even showed me) and I have spent ~50% of my working hours on T Tool to get it ready.

Through many, many, many trials, we have finally figured out how to make it at the level we feel it needs to be at.

I have dedicated tremendous time, energy, and resources for this project and we will be making it available as soon as we can in 2019.

Pricing is yet to be decided, but it won't break the bank and it'll be much less than a set of tools (which, in my opinion, you don't need. A whole set? Come on. Just get 1 T Tool :))

Check out photos of the T Tool on our Instagram Highlight called T Tool @themovementfix

Getting our YouTube Channel Back

We had a big scare in August of this year, our YouTube Channel got deleted!

With about 3 million video views, 300 videos, and 40,000 subscribers this was a massive hit.

I had just gotten back from spending time in South America to gather myself before pushing to finish the year strong.

Thanks to all of the Movement Fix Community who helped us get connected to the right people at Google and to get our YouTube Channel Back. I am forever grateful.

What's Coming in 2019

I've never really thought to myself 'Wow I am glad this year is over'. But for 2018 I can strongly say I am glad this year is over because much better things lie ahead than behind.

Here is what to expect in 2019 from Movement Fix:

  • New Programs
    • Strict Pull Up Development Program
    • Strict Muscle Up Development Program
    • Handstand Development Program
    • Olympic Lifting Accessory Program
    • Clean and Jerk Development Program
    • Snatch Development Program
    • Lower Body Strength and Performance Program
    • Full Body Strength and Performance Program
  • New Products
    • T Tool
    • T Tool Emollient
    • Other things that I can't reveal yet
  • Product Updates
    • We will be updating the following products:
      • Low Back/Hip Mobility Program
      • Shoulder Mobility Program
      • Build and Condition
      • Shoulder Strength and Performance (to be renamed 'Upper Body Strength and Performance')
      • Bodyweight Training Program
    • Updates will be free if you have already purchased the program
    • The programming won't change, but the layout, design, and many videos will be updated
  • Online Courses
    • CEUs will be available for our online courses
    • T Tool online course will be available (free)
  • Online Coaching and Training
    • We will be making 1 on 1 coaching and training services available in 2019
  • Workshops
    • I will be teaching in Australia, Dubai, and Australia again in January, February, and April
    • From April to August, I will be teaching throughout Europe
    • From September to February I will be teaching in South America
    • Dr. Wes Hendricks will be teaching Movement Fix Workshops in the USA
    • CEUs will be available in 2019 for workshops and online workshops
    • Content will be updated substantially

Click here to Host a workshop
Click here to see upcoming schedule

Thanks for reading

I wanted to take one last minute to say thank you to all of you. Movement Fix isn't about me, it's about you guys. I am dedicating my life's work to making the best products, programs, and education available and 2019 will be a big year and I cannot wait.

Thank you!

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