A little about Dr. G

(If you want to read the full details, there is a wikipedia page on him)

I was introduced to Dr. Homayun Gharavi (Dr. G) after publishing my most recent podcast with Greg Lehman where we talked about stretching under anesthesia.

A TMF'er e-mailed me after listening to that episode and connected me with Dr. G due to his background as a trauma and orthopedic surgeon who transitioned into working more directly with athletes in their training in the gym and on the field.

Dr. G has a MD and two PhD's, but based on our conversation before the podcast, he thinks degrees and labels are meaningless and 'dick extensions' because in reality, you can be extremely smart and a great thinker without degrees and also a terrible thinker with degrees.

I concur with this notion.

After leaving the role of surgeon, in 2003 Dr. G founded the German Academy for Applied Sports Medicine (DAASM) where they teach advances in sports medicine.

He also has a yearly symposium where they bring in experts in a variety of fields (not just medical people) to solve problems and think together to expand everyone's knowledge throughout different fields.

As you'll hear when you listen in to this podcast, Dr. G was frustrated with being a surgeon because, as he says, "if someone didn't have something torn and said 'how can you make me better' I had no way of helping them"

In this episode we discuss:

  • What pinning tissue down during a surgery can do
  • Comparing an athletes range of motion before and after general anesthesia
  • What stretching does to the fascia and why you should start as far away from the affected body part as possible
  • His transition away from being a surgeon and why


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Here is a video of Dr. G going through a fascial stretching protocol:

To learn more from Dr. G:

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