A little about Dr. Mario Novo

Mario is a doctor of physical therapy out of Nashville, TN where he works in private practice out of several gyms. Additionally, he works with Owens Recovery Science educating clinicians on the proper use of blood flow restriction (BFR) for rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

He is currently working with several professional teams across different sports.

Mario will be teaching BFR at Kabuki Strength in Portland, OR on July 29th.

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Mario will be teaching BFR at Vertex PT in Columbia, SC on August 5th.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • What is BFR
  • What is personalized BFR (or PBFR)
  • Why does BFR work / what do we know / what do we not know?
  • What amount of occlusion is necessary for optimal results
  • Why you shouldn't just strap your arm with a band and cut off the blood flow
  • How Mario got into the role he is currently in
  • Where BFR is likely headed in the future

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The Delfi Unit

One of my favorite quotes from the podcast:

At least suffer for something worth suffering for

To learn more from Mario:

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