A little about Hunter Schurrer

Hunter has a master's degree in exercise physiology. He has been a college strength coach for many years and currently works for Exos training Green Berets at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. He has previously presented at NSCA conferences on training active duty military personnel and the considerations that need to be taken when working with these groups.

He is also personally a great athlete and excellent olympic lifter (see show notes for vids).


In this episode we discuss:

  • Training for a sport or profession
  • How to get into a college strength coach position
  • The needs of basketball players
  • Training green berets and programming considerations
  • Hitting main movement patterns every day

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Show Notes

Qualifying for the American Open

165kg jerk

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Presenting at the NSCA TSAC:

@hschurrer telling it like it is at #tsac2017

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To learn more from Hunter:

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