A little about Dr. Jen Esquer

Jen Esquer, better known as docjenfit on instagram. has grown her social media following and her associated reach and influence incredibly over the last 1 year.

A doctor of physical therapy with a background in dance and gymnastics, Jen has been doing incredible things with her skillset.

In fact, the first time I talked with Jen I believe she had 50k IG followers and now has 345k.

In this episode she shares her story of progressing from gymnastics to DPT to social media influencer; how she has integrated all of that with her business and her practice; practical tips on growing a meaningful social media following, and much more.


In this episode we discuss:

  • How to effectively grow an engaged social media following
  • Transitioning from school to practice to influencer
  • Lessons from being a gymnast
  • and much more

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Jen Doing Awesome Stuff

A post shared by Dr. Jen Esquer (@docjenfit) on

A post shared by Dr. Jen Esquer (@docjenfit) on