Rafe Kelley (@rafekelley on IG) is one hell of a smart guy.

I had him on the podcast previously  (episode 47, episode 53) and had tons of people e-mail and ask if I could get him back on to continue the conversation, so here we are.

Rafe is the founder of Evolve Move Play and travels the world teaching people how to move naturally the way the human body was designed/evolved.

He has a strong background in anthropology and evolutionary biology. He connects those topics with exercise, games. and how we were evolved to move (hence the name of his site 'Evolve Move Play').

In this episode we discuss:

  • Living in a world of infinite variables
  • Orienting to the correct solution
  • Degrees of freedom and why limiting them is advantageous
  • His first formal fight and why he lost
  • Having sweat drip into his eyeballs during sparring and what he learned from that
  • Taking the unknowns in your life and making them known
  • and much more

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Show Notes

Franz Bosch book: https://www.hmmrmedia.com/store/books/strength-training-and-coordination-an-integrative-approach/