Mike Boyle (@michael_boyle1959 on IG) is legendary, but I had never heard the backstory of his life and career. It fascinates me to know what was the path well-known coaches, trainers, PTs, business people, etc took to get to where they are now.

I was in Boston a few weeks ago and made a stop at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning to sit down with Mike and dig into his past and find out his journey to where he is now.

He's been on the podcast previously (episode 11) as well as Movement Fix Monday (Episode 96) where we talked about split squats, back squats, and fitness/movement related content.

Did you know Mike quit his full time job as an athletic trainer to work for FREE as a strength coach and had to work nights as a bartender to pay the bills? Me neither, but it was a defining moment in his career path.

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Show Notes

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Quotes I liked:

  • "Just do the next right thing"
  • "You can be dumb or choose to remain dumb"