Running Performance, Research, Shoe Selection; w/ Jay Dicharry

Jay Dicharry

Jay Dicharry, physical therapist, author, researcher, and running coach guests on this episode of The Movement Fix Podcast.

In this episode we get into the following topics:

  • Running research
  • Running shoe selection
  • How to determine the weakest link in a runner
  • What to do if you have pain while running
  • How to choose the right strength exercises for runners
  • How to program for different distances / performance goals
  • and much more

Jay is based out of Bend, OR and works out of REP Lab.

I had the pleasure of .recording this podcast in person with jay out of Oregon CrossFit while I was in Bend giving a lecture at the ACSM conference.

Jay took a big chunk of time out of his day to share is incredible knowledge of running and performance.

He is also an accomplished author, with his newest book Running Rewired now available.

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Show Notes

Where to follow Jay:

Websites: REP Lab ;
Instagram @jaydicharry
Jays Books: Running Rewired; Anatomy for Runners

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