Handstands, Handstand Walking, Power Monkey; w/ Dave Durante

Dave Durante

Dave Durante attended Stanford University where he competed in gymnastics. In 2008 he was on the USA men's gymnastics team at the Beijing Olympics.

He is the co-founder and co-owner of Power Monkey Fitness, which offers incredible resources for human movement, gymnastics, olympic lifting, and education.

Twice yearly Power Monkey has a week long fitness camp called Power Monkey Fitness Camp. I have had the pleasure of attending it twice now and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Each day you have 3-4 training sessions with high level if not olympic level athletes and coaches in the following categories: Programming, running/endurance, ring gymnastics, bar gymnastics, handstands, clean and jerk, snatch, movement and mobility.

Additionally, Power Monkey offers Power Monkey Method, an online training platform.

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Show Notes

Where to follow Dave and Power Monkey:

Power Monkey
Websites: powermonkeyfitness.com
Instagram: @powermonkeyfitness

Dave Durante
Instagram: @davedurante

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Dave on the Rings

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