Squatting and Olympic Lifting with Chad Vaughn

Chad Vaughn

Chad Vaughn, owner of vaughnweightlifting.com, is a 2-time Olympian, 9-time National Champion, Mulit-Time International medalist including the overall gold medal at the 2003 Pan American Games, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk for the 77kg weight class in the sport of Weightlifting.

On this episode of the podcast we discuss:

  • Squat stance for olympic lifting
  • Training novices vs elite athletes
  • Mentality in olympic weightlifting
  • How to improve squatting positions
  • Common mistakes in programming olympic lifts

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Show Notes

Where to follow Chad:

Websites: vaughnweightlifting.com
Instagram: @olychad


Chad Snatching

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Stacking the Weight

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