Nutrition, Fasting, Keto; w/ Mike Molloy, PhD

Mike Molloy

This episode I am joined by guest Mike Molloy, who has also appeared on episode 62.

Mike is a PhD in immunology and microbiology and previously worked at the National Institute of Health studying the interaction between the bacteria that reside within our gut and on our skin and the immune system.

Mike and I had the pleasure of recording this podcast at Power Monkey Fitness Camp, which is an incredible week long experience where you can learn from world class experts in gymnastics, olmypic lifting, programming, and nutrition.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Fasting and the benefits
  • Eating for performance vs weightloss
  • How you can be under eating and still gain weight
  • His thoughts on the ketogenic diet


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Show Notes

Where to follow Mike:

Instagram @mikemolloy3245


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