What is The Movement Fix?

The Movement Fix is a resource, run by me, Ryan DeBell, to help you become strong, pain free, and move your body well. I believe these are fundamental human rights.

This website is more than just a site for my services. It is a repository of videos, articles, and podcasts to help you learn more about your body and how to own your movement.

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Who is

Ryan DeBell?

I was born a skeptic and a cynic. I question everything and challenge the status quo.

I have a passion for helping people become strong, pain free, and take ownership of their bodies.

I believe being pain free and moving well is a fundamental human right. Information shouldn't be kept a secret when it can benefit so many people in such a large way.

I graduated from the University of Washington's Foster School of Business. After realizing I didn't enjoy the work I was doing (and sitting there writing excel macros thinking about how much more I would enjoy teaching people how to become strong, pain free, and move their body) I decided to make a change.

The switch lead me to the University of Western States where I earned two degrees: A master's degree in exercise and sport science and a doctorate in chiropractic.

What is

my story?


Do I do?

I actually have an identity crisis at times. I don't identify well with one particular group of people based on how I was trained.

My job is to help people become strong, get pain free, and move their bodies well. However I achieve that is not important (through hands on therapy, exercise instruction, a video on the internet, an e-book, a podcast, etc.).

I care about helping as many people as I can in whatever way possible.

What I am also working on

Movement Providers

A resource for finding trainers, coaches, clinicians, and more.

Health Fit Business

A podcast for health and fitness professionals about business

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Thanks for reading this! Hopefully it help you understand a bit more about the site and why it exists.

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