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Jump and Land Like an Athlete: Box Jumps and Low Back Pain

Jump and Land Like an Athlete: Box Jumps and Low Back Pain Need more hip and low back mobility? Start with Day 1 of our Hip/Low Back Mobility Program for free: Box Jumps and Low Back Pain If you do box jumps and get low back pain, this article is for you....

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The Cat Camel

  How do you know where neutral spine position is? We so often talk about “keep your midline tight!” or “stay in neutral!”. But how many of us really know where neutral is… or for that matter WHAT neutral is. Neutral spine position is roughly halfway between your...

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The Lateral Lunge

  The lateral lunge may be one of my favorite hip “fixes”. The reason I like it is because it is weight bearing. When things are weight bearing and we work the range of motion, it not only acts as a mobility drill, but also as a stability drill. Remember, lack of...

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The Tactical Frog

  The tactical frog is one of those mobilizations that you should either do at home or at a CrossFit gym. If you did this at 24 hour or LA fitness, people just wouldn’t understand what you are doing. I would also advise against letting people film you doing this....

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The Joint by Joint Approach to Human Function

Intro The human body is undeniably more complex than most people realize or appreciate. It can be dauntingly complex. It can cause paralysis by analysis. Luckily there are patterns and frameworks we can use to better analyze human movement, performance, and pain...

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