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84 - Nutrition, Fasting, Keto; w/ Mike Molloy, PhD

Nutrition, Fasting, Keto; w/ Mike Molloy, PhD Mike Molloy This episode I am joined by guest Mike Molloy, who has also appeared on episode 62. Mike is a PhD in immunology and microbiology and previously worked at the National Institute of Health studying...

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83 - Gymnastics, Stretching, Epigenetics; w/ Dave Tilley, DPT

Dave Tilley, physical therapist, author, researcher, and gymnastics coach guests on this episode of The Movement Fix Podcast.

In this episode we get into the following topics:

  • Stretching myths
  • Strengthening for gymnastics
  • Controversies in the sport of gymnastics
  • Epigenetics and stress
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81 - Running, Intervals, Pacing; w/ Chris Hinshaw

Pacing, Running, Programming; w/ Chris Hinshaw Chris Hinshaw Chris Hinshaw, owner of Aerobic Capacity, was an All American swimmer and finisher of 10 Ironman triathlons. Chris' top finishes include 2nd place overall at the Hawaiian Ironman World...

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80 - Rowing at the Beijing Olympics for South Africa; w/ Rika Geyser

Rika is an incredible athlete born and raised in South Africa. She grew up running hurdles, barefoot, before moving to Kansas to run hurdles in college.

Her dream as a child was to run hurdles in the olympics for her country.

After several back to back injuries, likely resulting from having to run in shoes on a track (vs barefoot on grass in South Africa), she made the transition to rowing. The story of how that transition occurred is incredible.

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Measuring Your Ape Ratio for Deadlifts

Measuring Your Ape Ratio for Deadlifts Learn some cool stuff in this video? Check out our workshops here to learn even cooler stuff. Need more hip and low back mobility? Start with Day 1 of our Hip/Low Back Mobility Program for free: Measuring Your Ape...

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CrossFit Open 18.2 Movement Prep and Warm Up

  How to Prepare your Body for 18.2: For 8-12 minutes, performing the following: 5 Cat/Cow 5 Straight Leg Raises Each Leg 5 Lateral Lunges Each Side 5-10 Front Rack Prep 2-3 Cleans Each round, increase the weight on the clean until you get up to a moderate to heavy...

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