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CrossFit Open 18.1 Movement Prep and Warm Up

  How to Prepare your Body for 18.1: For 6-10 minutes, performing the following: 5 Cat/Cow 5 Plank to Pull Through 5 Diagonal Band Pull Aparts 5 Beat Swings 2-3 Hang Power Dumbbell C&J each arm Each round, increase the weight on the dumbbell C&J until you get...

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Fixing the Laggy Leg in Single Leg Deadlifts

Fixing the Laggy Leg in Single Leg Deadlifts Learn some cool stuff in this video? Check out our workshops here to learn even cooler stuff. Need more hip and low back mobility? Start with Day 1 of our Hip/Low Back Mobility Program for free: Fixing the Laggy...

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69 - The Backstory of How Mike Boyle became Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle (@michael_boyle1959 on IG) is legendary, but I had never heard the backstory of his life and career. It fascinates me to know what was the path well-known coaches, trainers, PTs, business people, etc took to get to where they are now. I was in Boston a few...

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My Movement, Fitness, and Training Reflections at 31

Today is my 31st birthday and as I reflect on the history of my exercise and training, I’m thinking about things differently than I used to. I want to share with you in this article a brief history of my past exercise motivations and methods as well as where I see the...

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65 - Simplifying Treatment; w/ Jason Shane

In this Episode Jason Shane from Shane Physiotherapy joins me to discuss the need for simplifying treatment (and simplifying mostly everything else, too). Subscribe to The Movement Fix Podcast     Enjoy!...

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Why I Am Not Making More Videos in the Foreseeable Future

The Why I began video blogging 134 weeks ago as a way to share information that I felt needed to be shared. I created things I felt needed to be created containing valuable information for people. There was never a script or an agenda. I didn't do fancy keyword...

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Fixing Early Elbow Bend in Snatching

Fixing Early Elbow Bend in Snatching This week (and for the next few weeks) I am joined by Mike Cerbus (follow him on IG @mikecerbus), who was the 2011 American Open Champion, 8x national medalist, and director of weightlifting for Power Monkey Fitness, to discuss...

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