Assessing Closed Chain Hip Control

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Assessing Closed Chain Hip Control | Week 59 | Movement Fix Monday

This past weekend I was in the Atlanta area for a few workshops and was hanging out with Drew Cuiffo (soon to be sports chiropractor) at Marietta Barbell Gym.

One thing I have been working on a lot with people lately is their dynamic, closed chain hip control. I frequently take athletes through a single leg deadlift assessment and find that looking at their ability to create and control motion through all planes is valuable.

In this video, I take Drew through this assessment.

If you have someone stand on one leg, go into a bit of a hip hinge, and then have them rotate their torso around the hip joint, you will find very interesting things and many times big differences side to side. Those differences matter.

Training the single leg deadlift or hip airplane (the hip airplane is essentially the drill version of the assessment I am using) really helps an athlete to train dynamic control of the hip. I check this control and rotation of the torso at varying depths in the single leg deadlift to look for areas where control is lacked. Train those areas up and enjoy improved control of your hips.

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