The BEST Thoracic Mobility Routine

*Updated 4/16/18
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Overview: The Best Thoracic Mobility Routine

This week on Movement Fix Monday I want to bring a lot of pieces together to make the best thoracic mobility routine.

I commonly show a certain way to tweak a lift or a way to think about movement or a specific drill.

What gets lost in doing that, though, is how do you bring a lot of those pieces together. How do you blend and incorporate everything?

What I wanted to do this week was show you how I combine multiple drills for the upper back aka thoracic spine into a routine. This could either be done as a daily routine if you need work in this area or it could be done for 5 minutes during your warm up before lifting.

The Routine

For 5 minutes, cycle through the following:

  1. Roll out and mobilize the upper back on a foam roller
  2. Cat/cow
  3. Thoracic rotation drill
  4. Band pull apart (need a band? Click here)

The reason I add in the band pull apart in what is seemingly a 'mobility flow' is because I want to increase upper back and posterior shoulder muscle activation and blood flow after having made the upper back easier to move.

Get things moving well, get muscles working, and go lift. That's a very basic model to follow. Can it be more complicated? Yes. Do I care to be more complicated? Not really, especially if making something more complicated doesn't change what I do.

I have a common saying I use when I teach workshops, which is, 'I only want to make something more complicated if it changes what I do. If it doesn't change what I do, it is wasted mental effort and I probably don't care'.

Rather than sit around and make things complicated, I would rather do what I would've been doing anyways and take action.

I hope you found this week's post helpful. Let me know in the comments, is it useful for you to see how the pieces come together and examples of how I would structure different things together?

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