Better Shoulder Extension for Better Dips

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Better Should Extension for Better Dips | Week 23 | Movement Fix Monday

One of the biggest issues that people have in their dips and ring dips is that they don't move entirely around the shoulder. When they start to fatigue (or worse, right from the start), they do a dip-sit-up. They crunch the upper body and then un-crunch at the top to get the rep. You will see what I mean when you see me demo that toward the end of the video.

There are a few reasons this will happen:

  1. The person lacks strength
  2. The person habitually does it that way
  3. the person has limited shoulder extension.

In this post we will talk about number 3.

If someone is limited in shoulder extension, they can create "false shoulder extension" by rounding their upper back. In doing this, they artificially create the movement globally by getting it through their spine instead of the shoulder joint itself.

How to work on this

To work on this, you can use a series of movements I demonstrate in the video.

The first movement is putting your shoulders into slight extension and then rolling and unrolling the shoulders. For some people this will be very intense. Once you can do this comfortably, you can move on to a crab walk rock.

Raise your butt up toward the ceiling and then rock yourself forward and backward from the shoulders.

This next sentence is key:

You have to USE the SHOULDERS to create and control the movement and not the legs. It changes EVERYTHING.

After you've completed those reps, then go into a kneeling position and work on active shoulder extension by putting a towel in your hands or interlocking your hands and raise them backward off your waist as far as you can without stressing your neck and jutting it forward.

After you've completed these movements, do a short set of dips to express your new range of motion.

Rinse and repeat.

Thanks for reading!

- Ryan

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